Hemp Bound Journal:  Letter from a MuseLetter from a Muse
by Shelly Couvrette
February 21, 2005

I, drawing letters to twist thoughts
letters to feed the slackening storm
letters sewn on the sleeve of a good man
letters to direct the dissection of stone
I, drawing letters to define and inform
letters to hone the slivering bone
letters drawn from an unobjectionable pleasure
letters to tether the thought to the form.

And, he imagines the place where the letters began
farther away now and not by his hand,
For I was a fire in some clever imagination
but I, drawing letters from what I could find,
I thought of the ideal: six things I did bind
made of felt, made of bone, made of water and thread,
made of hide and of wind and of all things dead.

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Copyright 2007 Shelly Couvrette