Ely in Paris
(Creation Myth for a Muse)
by Shelly Couvrette
February 11, 2005

Ely in ParisEly in Paris sent Pandora the hide
that matched my forty hours
Ely makes books and sundials
publishes treatises on perspective and collected theosophical works
Ely, keen on The Creation and the natural history of comets
makes up dances containing rules for my inspiration
my relations with you, the painter, and the poet
the alphabet chaser and curious baker,
disordered phantasms, all
in the unknowable place where I dwell
with our collective achievements.

We heard drums, but my palette also talked
of the old mossy bough, of beautifully drawn color
we saw happiness-to-go and looked all around
the ghosts were threatening desertion
Will I believe? Ely must tell me
we sat there for five days
five days wading through shit
and memories that follow rain,
follow bone, ground to dust
each day Ely fashions a furious storm cloud of woe
everything harder than anything.

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Copyright 2007 Shelly Couvrette