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Correcting Red and Green Eye

Most cameras with built-in flash have a setting for red-eye reduction. This is not necessarily an improvement over the good, old-fashioned red demon eyes, as the resultant fluorescent green glowy eyes of doom are every bit as disconcerting. The problem can be fixed easily in Photoshop (and probably any other half-decent photo editing software).

In Photoshop, you will need to use the burn and stamp tools. For fixing eyes, I prefer soft edges with a diameter that closely matches the size of the area I want to darken. For this example, the burn tool was set at 55 pixels wide, soft edges, midtone range, and at roughly 50% exposure.

Step 1 (left): Center the burn tool on the area you want to darken.

Step 2 (right): It may take several clicks to get to the desired darkness. You want to create a nice, rich dark area without deadening the brightness of the pinpoint(s) of reflected light. Don't worry if there are still green or red areas, because you will remove them with the stamp tool.

Step 3 (right): When the pupil is at the desired darkness, switch to the stamp tool. I prefer to set the tool at a small diameter with soft edges. If you choose hard edges, you will have abrupt demarcations between each area you stamp. Soft edges will blend together more naturalistically.

Step 4 (above): Use the stamp tool to select a portion of the blackest pupil area, and copy it to the lighter areas. You'll have to keep reselecting new black areas as you move around the pupil.

Step 5 (above): Et voila, when the pupil--aside from the reflective pinpoints--is completely darkened, you will have achieved the desired demonic exorcism.

The lovely and talented Miss Brown was our model for this exercise. The corrected photo can be viewed here.

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